Blue Ridge Therapy Connection Activities

The talk of the Center this past week was Hurricane Florence.  Many of our residents talked about having family members that lived out of state and they were afraid that their loved ones were in harm’s way. We reassured them that it wasn’t going to hit their area or their state, and they that would be alright. They have been watching all the devastation in the Carolinas’ and seeing how everyone has been doing. We have been truly blessed that we still have power and our homes are safe from the flood waters. Our prayers are with those who are working outside in all that water, for families who have lost loved ones and those who have lost everything.

    We are already working on Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Many family members are booking the Recreation Room for parties with their loved one during the holiday season. Groups that are planning on coming to do special activities for the residents are already booking dates. This year it seems that everyone is being the early bird! Which is nice, to plan that far ahead. We love having different events for our resident to enjoy. Christmas is a busy time for them.

    We are working on some fun activities for the residents during October.  We are planning a bus trips to go look at the pumpkins and fall leaves. We will be taking them to Mabry Mill for lunch and ride the parkway back home. They will be celebrating Oktoberfest with food,  drinks from Germany and to learn about their culture. For Halloween, we will be having our annual costume party where staff members dress up and the residents are the judges for the contest. We will also be having our annual “Halloween Kids Night” on October 31st at 6:00pm-7:30pm. We invite the community children in for a safe trick or treat night. This is one of our residents’ favorite activities. They enjoy seeing all the children and getting to visit with them. Many of the grandchildren and great grandchildren come in to visit that night. This is a proud moment and they get to introduce their loved ones to their friends and staff members. We hope you can come in and visit with us on Halloween!

    If you or your group is interested in sharing your talent or time, please call. We would love to put you on our resident’s calendar, ask for Dee Dee Via at 276-694-7161 ext. 1804.


Dee Dee Via
Activities Director