Blue Ridge Therapy Connection Activities

It’s hard to believe that school has started again. Before we know it Christmas will be here, and cold weather. We didn’t have a spring this year, so we hope we have a warm fall. Summer time seems to go by so fast, but the winter months seem to drag by. I think a lot of it has to do with the time changing and not being able to take the residents outside as much. Sometimes it’s hard to see them sit at a doorway during the winter, knowing they would love to be able to go outside, but it’s just too cold for them to be out. That’s why we really try to get them outside as much as we can during the spring thru fall. Even during the winter, if it’s a warm day, we will take them out on the patio. I think we all dread wintertime.

The residents are getting ready for a fun full week during their in house vacation. We have so many fun activities for them to participate in. We will be celebrating Elvis during that week, where the residents will be able to have their picture taken with Elvis and we will be playing a lot of Elvis music during that day of the week. We will also be going Snorkeling where the resident will have go spear fishing for a prize. During the Volcano party, they will be learning about volcanoes and they will be able to have their picture taken with a volcano scene in the background. The last day of our trip we will be celebrating with a luau were we will be having a BBQ and we will decorate the recreation room for the luau. We have other activities for them to do during the week and we hope they all enjoy their vacation. The staff will also get to participate in these activities, with dress down days and we will be having drawings for the staff daily.

    The resident really enjoyed their meal at Elizabeth’s Pizza in Patrick Springs this week. They got Buffalo Hot Wings, Stromboli and some of them got pizza. They all enjoyed their meal and the staff was great. After their meal, they all decided they wanted to go back to Elizabeth’s because the food was great, the service was fast, and one of our residents’ said their hot wings were better than Chili’s. We will be putting Elizabeth’s back on our activities calendar for next month.

    With fall coming, the residents are already talking about going to the Patrick County Fair. We have got to get working on our exhibits for the fair. They look forward to going to the fair seeing all the children, friends, and family members sometimes meets with their loved one at the fair and they take them around. We encourage family members to meet or follow the bus so they can go out to eat or shopping again with their loved one. Many of our resident’s spouses often follow the bus so they can have a meal out together again. We love having them along for the trips. We get to know them better and we hope it helps them feel more comfortable having their loved one at the Center.  We will be planning picnics for the residents to go on when the temperature cools down some. They love to go to Kanawha Valley on a picnic and maybe a fishing trip. Tommy Brown; owner is always so good to our residents, and the residents love seeing all the sites that are there.

    We hope to be seeing you out and about, we would love to put you or your group on our next month’s calendar. If you are interested in volunteering, please call Dee Dee Via, 276-694-7161 ext. 1804


Dee Dee Via
Activities Director